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Kodivian is known for its simplicity and ease of use features for powerful automation of business applications. Kodivian platform is built for efficient business process optimization to strengthen the business operations and enhance the customer's experience. Using Kodivian - business process management workflow can be improved to accelerate productivity and to bring down operational costs.

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It is important to calculate the current costs. Our Assessment tool will help you to identify the total cost of your current processes and a potential savings when KODIVIAN is deployed for Digital Transformation and Automation.

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Kodivian small business or an entrepreneur and start-up organization want to focus on business strategies right from the beginning,setting up a digital workplace when they are smaller will help them to scale up as they grow.Kodivian can help you now and all the way up while you grow.

  • Capture Documents.
  • AI Indexing.
  • Save Documents
  • Search and Retrieve

A growing organization faces many challenges such as increased paperwork,difficulty tracking processes, issues losing files,securing critical info, creating scalable systems, and meeting regulatory compliance. Kodivian,as an Automation Management Company,can help in solving many of those by providing the platform,required tools,and techniques,and ongoing training.

  • Digital Workplace Management
  • Workflow Automation.
  • Customizable Forms
  • Connect with Other Apps

An enterprise organization strives to achieve a connected platform, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction,creating visibility in performance,eliminating manual tasks,optimizing resource-heavy processes,and ensure business continuity.Kodivian as a Workflow Management Company can help achieve connected enterprise solution,process consultation as per lean six-sigma methodology,provide requires resources and workflow management certification.

  • Enterprise Content Management.
  • Advanced Workflow.
  • Connect To Bigdata
  • Deploy AI Bots
Personal Edition Businessn Edition Enterprise Edition
User License
[one line description]
Name Users
Active Directory Sync X
Respository Management
[one line description]
Respository Creation 2
Capture Features
[one line description]
ARABIC OCR (GULF Region) X + +
Capture Excel Sync X
Capture Customization X + +
Document Separation Features
[one line description]
Auto Split [Based on Unique Value] X
Barcode/QR code Split & Recognition X
MRZ Split X
Pattern Split
Web Application (Capture Module) Feature
[one line description]
Web Search
Listing Of Recent Documents Accessed X X
PDF Merging on Web Application X + +
Multiligual User Interface
Drag and Drop Document Upload on Web Application
Document Version Control
[one line description]
Version Creation
Version Management X X
Document Level Features (Search Module)
[one line description]
Document Sharing
Document Linking X
Document Annotation & Stamps X +
Check-in/Check-out X X
Collaboration X X
Document Task Management X X
Document Download
Document- Metadata Search
Document- Content Search
Comment On Documents X X
Trash Management [Manage Delete]
Document - Advance Content Search X X
[one line description]
ERP Integration X + +
Salesforce Integration X X +
Sharepoint Integration X X +
BigData Integration X + +
DocuSign/Adobe Integration X X X
Document Security
[one line description]
Page Hiding X X
Robust Rights Management
Time Stamping - View/Hide X +
Document - Password Protect X X
File Vault X
Retention X +
Document Level Encryption X X
Document Security X
Repository Security
Profile Security X X
Personal Edition Businessn Edition Enterprise Edition
[one line description]
MS Office X 10✔ +
Outlookt X 10✔ +
Virtual Printer X 10✔ +
Windows X 10✔ +
Mobile App (Public IP) X 10✔ +
[one line description]
Workflow | Forms - Designer X
Workflow Audit Report X X
Escalation Matrix - Workflow (SLA Management) X +
Dynamic Workflow X
Workflow Initiate - Document Archiving X +
Workflow Initiate – EFORM X
Workflow Initiate - Document + EForm X
Workflow Initiate – Email X +
Workflow Initiate – Data X + +
Workflow History PDF X
Workflow Form PDF [With ESIGN] X +
Tickets Load Balancing X X
E-sign X
Workflow Form PDF [With ESIGN on Uploaded Docx] X +
[one line description]
Workflow Audit Report X X
Audit Report [Scan / Search / Delete]
Reports in Dashboard (Charts) X X
Customized Audit Report X + +
Folder Watch
[one line description]
Folder Watch - XML_PDF/A Processing X +
Folder Watch - Capture [MFPs] X
Outlook Integrated Feature
[one line description]
Outlook EVENT Sync X X
Outlook Contact Sync X X
Alert and Reminder
[one line description]
Alert and Reminder - Workflow X X
Alter and Reminder - Archived Document (Activity) X +
Folder management
[one line description]
Folder Structure Archiving
Folder Structure Reorder X +
Customization and Additional Features
[one line description]
Miscellaneous Customization X + +
ERS Service – Additional X + +
Server Cloning X + +
Data Management [Master Data] X X
Data Extraction to Excel X